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Trafficked – Fiction 1

Tenali railway station which normally would be buzzing on Sunday evenings unusually seemed deserted today. The clock showed 9:10 PM, Urvashi jittering around with her unsteady movements was waiting to take a train to Hyderabad. Random thoughts haunting her, how would her parents react to her sudden disappearance and about her wary future. Ranga Reddy,… Continue reading Trafficked – Fiction 1

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In the unreserved with my progressive grandmother

My maternal grandfather was an MLA in the 1940's. Unlike today's politicians, in those days if someone desires to become a politician they must pledge some portion of their assets for the welfare of the country. He was a freedom fighter and shared his jail cell with Avainashilinga Chettiyar during the freedom protest. He was… Continue reading In the unreserved with my progressive grandmother

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Hallibedu – Belur – Hampi- Part 1

Hampi , which was always left unchecked in my checklist is ticked off now. Never knew unravelling some history was this much fun with my better half. Kicked off our road trip from Coimbatore via Mysore. After worshipping at Nanjangud (shiva temple), we had a peek at the Mysore Palace. Hassan being the nearest city… Continue reading Hallibedu – Belur – Hampi- Part 1