The God’s Garden

“What do you want to be?” asked the creator.

Choose wisely; you are free to be a wildflower

But, as a rose in my garden, you will be tended with care.

She didn’t dare to be a wildflower; rather, chose to be a rosebud in the garden.

Butterflies fluttered around her all day,

Mockingbirds sang songs of the thousand stars that lit up the sky in the night,

As the moonlight kissed the bud with her tender glimmer, she slept tight.

She enjoyed the rains nonchalantly as no thunder or strom could strike the garden.

Her day to bloom approached.

She blossomed to see the many-hued butterflies flicker around her.

It was a rare sight to behold; she seemed enthralled by the beauty of nature.

Bilthefully, she bided her time for the sun to set, pining to see the moonlight.

As the evenfall approached, the gardener plucked her out of her home.

She was placed in a bouquet and gifted to the creator.

The creator smelled the flowers and said, you all chose wisely.

The Rose said to herself,

I wish I were a wildflower…

I wish I were a wildflower..


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