The Kite Catcher

It was a midsummer evening, The plunging waves kissed the pale peach horizon, I stood at the beach watching the kites dance in the sky. My first-ever kite was borne away by the wind. However, the storm struck in time, And brought back my kite. I could never recollect the colour of the kite nor… Continue reading The Kite Catcher


Spring may come and go but the coldness in me stays

Days passed, the flowers bloomed again. Sunlight unbroken by the clouds welcomed the spring. Mornings filled with the dawn chorus, nothing changed much. Engrossed in crofting, the desolation in me waned; the world seemed lively again. But as the nightfall sets in, gloominess engulfs me like a dementor's kiss. With no shadow for company, I… Continue reading Spring may come and go but the coldness in me stays

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Karaikudi – Pillayarpatti – Thirukoshtiyur

Recently Pilliyarpatti temple got its Raja gopuram refurbished and the consecration happened in May 2017. We planned a trip to the womb entrepreneurs' in Tamil Nadu  - Karaikudi. Solid 6 hr travel from Coimbatore to Karakudi via Natham, the shoddy roads disrupted our pleasant travel. In the nick of time, we entered the temple for… Continue reading Karaikudi – Pillayarpatti – Thirukoshtiyur